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Not sure, but in this different view I have found a way to insert videos, tweets and so forth

This is confusing and brilliant all at the same time- it’s amazing how much just doing stuff can makes you learn things!

Can’t see a location tagger….

Why isn’t this feature available through a main post? I get it – if you want lists – forces you to learn html, though? That’s a good thing, surely.

Will this be as simple as live journal, now that I have selected to enter text?

For the topical pic…

I like the kitchen sink button…

Awkward, will post this and see:

And safety dance – wildly inappropriate still:

Is there a spellcheck in this mcgubbin?  Yes – for it does not like spellcheck or mcgubbin!  Results the same as live journal  – spell check or spell-check – but for mcgubbin?  Clubbing!  Guess that’s what you get for making words up.

Hey guys!

Just trying this out for class – though, who knows, maybe it’ll become a habit…..