What do you think of libraries?

I don’t so much.

Think the library is a stale, stuffy, staid place?

I’m not so keen, that’s for sure.

Think it is all dusty books on old wooden shelves?

I do, as it happens.

Perhaps in some places, but not all.

Really?  Please; do tell…

A library can be disrupted, a library can be transformed.

And you’ll be told to be quiet, shh’d.

Not always for a library can be active, it can be invaded by zombies, used to tell stories with cubes*, become a comic shop for the day.

In some kind of imaginary land, perhaps.

No, in this world, to be sure (you obviously did not follow the links).

Or a city can be disrupted; and the library will carry on.

Well, that is pretty amazing.

And it’s not just physical; digital disruption too can be seen – tagging, georeferencing), free use and re-use of resources.

All sorts can be done.

A library can be what you want it to be.
It contains knowledge of all kinds, it can host events of all kinds.

* I rather like Rory’s Story Cubes.